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Thread: Help needed.... Anyone lliving close to the Warburton factory who owns a 4AL?

  1. Help needed.... Anyone lliving close to the Warburton factory who owns a 4AL?

    Hi All,

    I'm busy with Warburton to have a custom mouthpiece created. Basically a BT16 (demondrae) with the inner dimentions of the Wick 4AL. Now Warburton needs a Wick 4AL to measure the dimentions from. I could ofcourse ship a Wick 4AL to them. (from the netherlands to the USA). But perhaps someone could help me out and provide a 4AL that they don't use to Warburton. I'm willing ofcourse to pay for shipping costs made to help me out.

    Perhaps someone is even intrested in a copy of the mouthpiece and we could even reduce costs this way.....


    Kind regards,
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    It seems very peculiar to me that Warburton -- a major mouthpiece manufacturer and custom shop -- (a) doesn't have a Wick 4AL, (b) doesn't know the dimensions of a Wick 4AL, (c) doesn't have an employee who has a Wick 4AL, and (d) doesn't know anyone in their immediate area of Florida who has a Wick 4AL. Never mind the possibility of contacting Wick business-to-business and as a professional courtesy getting the dimensions of a Wick 4AL.

    Why in the world would they need a customer half a world away to provide them with an example of one of the most commonly used trombone/euphonium mouthpieces on the planet?
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