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Thread: Water Catchers

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    I found I don’t need o-rings with my newest 5050. Both of my old ones needed them.

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    Anyone know where I can a metal water catcher? I know there's a plastic one Mead endorses. Kevin Powers mentioned Badger Music in Wisconsin who I think are Wilson dealers but I can't find a website for them. TIA

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    Here’s a link for Badger State Repair:
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    Quote Originally Posted by booboo View Post
    I've actually gone a bit retro here. I find the gutters great for catching the drips, but if I lay the instrument down during a longer rehearsal/practice/concert I get a gutter-full on my crotch, which is not great. I realise I should empty it more. For this reason I've gone back to a duster/rag/beer towel (remember them?) trapped between the valve block and the 4th valve.
    Our community band played a concert in a beautiful indoor facility a couple weeks ago, and before confirming, we were asked how we proposed to handle “fluid management”.

    I bought a pack of black heavy loop cotton face cloths on Amazon and distributed them to all of the brass players before the concert, and placed collection containers at either side of the playing area.

    All were returned, and they were washed with sanitizing detergent and stored in case they’re requested again. No complaints from the venue following the concert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickF View Post
    Here’s a link for Badger State Repair:
    Thanks very much Rick!
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    Speaking of water catchers, I made my own after, when I bought my Besson Prestige in 2007, this wasn't included with the instrument. I made others that I put on the 3 New Standards I recently bought. They were made from a drilled and threaded brass bar with caps at the ends and then plated, gold or silver depending on the case. The ones sold in the Mead store in green plastic are effective for the purpose, but aesthetically they suck. These Bessons I own have a consistent leak from the bottom of the pistons, while the Courtois I've played for twenty years has never leaked a drop of water from there. He had pistons so precise that, if you plugged the hole in the bottom and pressed to lower it, he couldn't; or, with the piston lowered, plugging the hole on the bottom and releasing it, it remained stationary (there was no through hole on the piston for the air discharge).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I purchased a water catcher from Wessex five years ago for $45 plus shipping. It's the metal tube and keyhole type with an internal spring plate. It works well, though I had a rusting issue with the spring, which was resolved by simply removing it. It fits snugly on my Sterling without it.

    More recently, I bought a SBTray from Steven Mead's website. It is a dark charcoal gray. Since it is more an open cup design, I put a 2+ inch section of tiki torch wick in it to absorb the liquid and keep it from sloshing out if I tip the horn or put it in the case. (Tiki wicks are available on Amazon and I got a bag of twelve 10 inch wicks for $6.) It seems to be working well, so far.

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    Has anyone tried the Valve Beanie? Dillon Music said they have some customers swear by it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcemu07 View Post
    Has anyone tried the Valve Beanie? Dillon Music said they have some customers swear by it.
    I'm really skeptical that it would work for me. I used something like this many years ago and it worked great for a little while (on my Besson). Those valves did throw quite a bit of liquid at my pants, so I needed something. But then in the middle of rehearsal, one of my valves started responding really slowly. The fabric in this case got wet, and stopped passing air through easily, so it was like playing with the bottom vent hole blocked.

    It's possible this thing would work on a trumpet or a 3+1 euphonium, assuming you did not have to stretch it so tightly that the fabric came close to the valve bottom. As long as it did not touch, or didn't come very close, the air could pass into the pouch and exit in the spaces between valves.

    In any case, my valves don't pass enough moisture to cause me any problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcemu07 View Post
    Thanks very much Rick!
    Hey Josh, let me (us) know how it goes with Badger State Repair. I tried to use them a couple of times. They don't seem to answer the phone, return calls, or respond to emails. I finally gave up on getting Miraphone parts from them! At the time, they were the US distributor for Miraphone parts.
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