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Thread: Valve felt euphonium Geneva

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    Valve felt euphonium Geneva


    Where can I find specifics valve felt for my euphonium Geneva Symphony?
    Thank you for your help!

  2. Check with Geneva, but I'd bet that standard Besson synthetic soft stop felts would work.
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    As part of this process, I recommend that you get the measurements for the felts (outer diameter, diameter of hole, and thickness) -- or take them yourself if you have a decent caliper or can borrow one, or have a friend measure it. But you really need the dimensions of a NEW felt. And there may be different felts in different places (top of piston, valve cap, etc.).

    The reason that it's worth the effort to get these dimensions is that once you have them, you can look for felts in a number of places by the dimensions, and not have to find some esoteric or "single source" supplier.

    Also, once you find the felts, buy several sets of them. You'll need to do this again!

    In situations like this, there are a couple of suppliers I use in the U.S. But (particularly for Besson-ish or Besson-like stuff), I've had great success with Dawkes in the UK: You could just email them and they may have what you want.
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    Try I have ordered from them many times for my sovereign. I think they are also a geneva dealer.

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    More info about valve felts please.

    Is the felt used in brass instruments (and other musical instruments, by extension) all that different from the felt that one can buy in a US based craft or fabric store? I know people who make felt from scratch (using wool). Is there something special about valve felts?

    And to further explore the main poster's idea. How do you know when you need to replace your felts? Roughly, how often should it be done?
    - Sara Hood

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    The size and thickness can vary depending on make and model of horn. As you play the felts get worn so aren't thick enough to provide the correct alignment of ports in your valves to ports of the valve casing. Also, if they really get worn out the valves can be noisy. Depending on make and model of horn the thickness of felts (those under finger button and those atop valve itself) varies.
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