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Thread: Bass clef transposition of Telemann viola concerto?

  1. Bass clef transposition of Telemann viola concerto?

    Does this exist and if it does where can I purchase it?

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    My quick search turned up nothing. You looking for chamber accompaniment or just piano?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by knuxie View Post
    My quick search turned up nothing. You looking for chamber accompaniment or just piano?
    I came up empty too. I did find one for C trumpet, in F major.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tubaryan12 View Post
    Does this exist and if it does where can I purchase it?
    The musescore sheet music site has Concerto In G Major for Two Violas.

    If that is it, you can install MuseScore (free), download the score and transpose it into the clef and key of your choice.

    I recommend MuseScore. If you like it, send them a donation (I do, and did).


  5. That's not the piece, but thanks for reminding me about MuseScore. I had to re-image my PC and forgot to put that back on.

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    I've just had a look at the viola part on IMSLP. It's playable by euphonium as is, but it goes up to an E a few times so it'd require a very robust high register.

    "bass clef" isn't a transposition, it's a clef transcription.

    It'd work OK in Bb major which would make the range E below the bass clef staff to G 3 ledger lines above. That's a pretty easy transposition and it's not tremendously chromatic -- If you're just doing it for practice I'd recommend just reading off the alto clef viola part and doing it on the fly, it just takes a little practice to get the hang of it. It's good for your brain.

    The problem is the accompaniment parts, if you want to play with orchestra or the piano reduction you'd have to transpose that for them. That's a little more work.

    I think it'd sound really good in Eb major, everything would lie really well on the euphonium and you wouldn't have any of the real technical stuff too low. It'd go up to a high C which is really ideal. In this case, just read the alto clef and then transpose down a major third -- or just read it as tenor clef and in the key of Eb major, and change the "A sharps" into A naturals, "B sharps" into B naturals, "D naturals" into D flats, and so on.

    Remember to start all your trills on the upper note

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    Haha... well, I put this on my own practice stand this morning and I totally missed on my first look that it actually goes into treble clef a couple of times. Definitely doesn't work in the original key. The Eb is tough but doable. Playing it in Bb isn't too bad but I still think some of the low stuff doesn't sound great quite that low. Perhaps the best solution would be to play in Eb and selectively take a few passages down an octave.

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    Just finished a transcription of this work. Was able to keep it in the original key for euphonium. It'll be available at SMP in a day or two.

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    While I wait for Sheetmusic Press to bring it online, I am offering this special at my website:

  10. Since I made the request, I purchased it from your website. How is the PDF delivered? Email? Immediate download?

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