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Thread: Wessex luzern advice

  1. Wessex luzern advice

    Saw for sale by owner ad on Tubenet for a Wessex Luzern Bbb tuba (4/4 5rotor). Would appreciate anyone's experience, impressions or advice about this horn. I am trying to decide whether I should make offer.

    A pro technician is advising me on condition and pricing but we don't know the horn very well. I am looking for a good "intermediate level" 4/4 horn. I am an amateur player but need to upgrade from a cheap 3/4 horn. I don't need a pro horn and the price of this horn (bit over $2000) is within my price range.

    I have posted here before about possible purchases and your advice has always been helpful. Any input is appreciated.

  2. I would not normally offer advice, as I sell these new, so anything I say may be construed as blatant advertising. However as you are asking about a used example, I will offer my feedback.

    Playing wise you will do hard to find any BBb tuba of similar size which is better. The Luzern has almost perfect intonation and plays easy across the whole range. The high register is exceptionally easy for a BBb. Tone is rich and clear.

    The only thing I would advise taking care is the state of the valves. Wessex has done a lot of work over the last two years to improve the rotary valves, so if this is an older example they may not be so good as a new tuba today. So ask the seller about the valve action
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    IF you need or want a 5 rotor BBb, it's hard to beat that horn.

  4. As a reply for Johnathantuba, I was advised that it was bought used a year or two ago. He said it was no more than 5 yrs old. The fifth rotor sticks. The seller sent me a video showing how the linkage returns back too far on the rotor and gets completely hung up. He shows the other rotors working fine. Otherwise the horn is in really good cosmetic shape.

    Are the rotors any good at all? Should having the old rotors be a deal breaker or are the good enough for an amateur player playing regular community band music (grade 3-5) arrangements. Is this issue mean that rotors, (other than the fifth one on this horn), stick or are too sluggish even for me?

    Can the rotors be replaced with better ones?

    This tuba does have everything I am looking for at a reasonable price (around $2000) but I can pass on it if it is not worth it. I would like your honest evaluation. If you do not want to post it, feel free to send a reply to me at

    Once again, I am having a trusted tuba technician review all this info and help me make the decision but all of your inputs are helpful.

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    Any idea if the rotor has ever been looked at by a competent tech? Chances are in a community band, you're never going to use that 5th valve anyway

  6. Seller stated that they never used the 5th rotor so never had it fixed. Likewise and as you said, the fifth valve probably won't be used by me and I don't consider it a deal breaker. My concern is the other rotors which also may not be a big issue. As I said earlier, I am letting our tech make the decision.


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