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    Anybody want to take a crack at identifying the type of the large horn?
    Harry Nuttall

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    I've contacted the seller. Will let you know what he has to say of he gets back to me.
    Steve Petrangelo
    Lake Havasu Symphonic Winds (board/treasurer)
    Lake Havasu Regional Orchestra (tuba/board/treasurer)

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    It's a fairly standard pattern 1860s-1870s TARV (top-action rotary valve) Bb bass or Bb baritone saxhorn. I've got one that looks just like it here.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  4. Isaac Fiske Eb?
    Looks a lot like this:
    (Remember - bores and bells were a lot smaller in the 19th century - what we call "pea shooters" today.)

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    Here's what the seller had to say. Not real informative.

    "According to my musician friend who identified the other instruments, he said the guy on the right is holding either a Bb baritone or an Eb tuba. He couldn't tell which one it was because it's partially hidden under the musician's arm."
    Steve Petrangelo
    Lake Havasu Symphonic Winds (board/treasurer)
    Lake Havasu Regional Orchestra (tuba/board/treasurer)

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    Yeah, could be an Eb bass saxhorn as well. In fact, I think it is now looking closer because it looks like there might be a loop in the leadpipe. Identifying the maker isn't possible as a lot of makers used this pattern in that time period.


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