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Thread: Flying With a Bonna

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    Flying With a Bonna

    It has finally come, the day I must fly with my horn. I have the normal Marcus Bonna that comes with the Adams, and no other cases for the horn. Has anyone flown with a Bonna? Is it even possible to carry on a Euphonium? It costs $94 for a flight on the plane, is it worth just buying an extra seat for the horn?
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    A former section mate with an Adams E2 flew with his horn in its Bona case. He was able to carry it on for all but one leg to from Europe. One leg of his trip he had to gate check it... not sure if it was Boeing 737, but whatever, it had less room in the overhead. He suffered a crinkled bell.
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    It depends on the plane. I'm going to guess that if tickets are $94 we don't need to discuss 777s and A380s.

    It'll fit in a newer 737. If you're on southwest you've got about a 50/50 shot of getting a newer one. I haven't been on a A320/A319 where it will work, and it certainly won't fit on an older 737. The other narrowbodies you're likely to see domestically are DC9/MD80/717 and 757. I'm not certain about these, but I would guess that since they are older you will have less luck.

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    The flight information says it's an Airbus A321 and its on American, any experience?

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    I have flown with my Adams in the Marcus Bonna case with great success. I have had it on roughly 10 flights and not a dent anywhere. The trick is to pack it properly. They include the one square pad inside that velcro's to the middle section. I recommend asking Adams to provide another square pad (or go through Marcus himself) and have one in the middle above where it says "Marcus Bonna" to make contact just below the valve block when closed, and one to make contact with the actual bell section (where the logo stamping is) when closed. Also make sure the horn is really pushed into the case to be tight. The case itself is incredibly durable and sturdy. They would have to beat the hell out of it at the airport to get it to "give". Don't put anything else in the case (mouthpieces, valve oil, etc) just to be sure nothing floats around inside. It should be somewhat tight to zip the case if done properly. It should give you "safe" results. Of course, if you can take it on board in a gig bag and put it in the overhead above you, that's always the best idea. It will NOT fit in the overhead in the Bonna case on any flight, to my knowledge. The bell section is just a bit large. Shoot me an email at if you have any other questions and I can provide a photo of how I have my Adams Bonna case set up in terms of the padding I was referring to. Best of luck, Marco! Great to have you play for me back in OKC!
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    Excellent advice/description, Brandon! Let me also point out an unfortunate reality.

    TSA has the right to inspect any bag. That means they may decide to take the horn, out or at least lift it, to look under it, inside the bell, etc. I once read some advice that you should put instructions in the case to show clearly how to re-pack the horn. While that is good advice, I have serious doubt that you can count on TSA packing it correctly! But perhaps seeing the note would dissuade them from inspecting it to some extent.

    And as far as packing a Bonna case, I love the wide, strong leather strap at the bottom end. What I do is pull the horn down "into" the bottom pad quite a bit, and then fasten the strap to hold it there. That helps keep the bell's end away from the case.
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