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Thread: FS: Steven Mead Ultra SM4X, others

  1. FS: Steven Mead Ultra SM4X, others

    Hello all. I've got a few items I'm looking to sell.

    The big-ticket item is my gold-plated Steven Mead Ultra SM4X mouthpiece. It is in excellent condition and only got a few months of use before I switched to a new mouthpiece for drum corps. I am asking for $80.

    The second item has a little more wear on it as it survived a season of Drum Corps and my senior year of high school. It is a silver-plated Dennis Wick 4BL (large shank). It has a firm line around the shank from where it was firmly placed inside a Yamaha marching baritone for months on end, and it has a chip or two in the plating from when it was dropped inside a horse barn in the Boone Country 4H fairgrounds in Lebanon, Indiana. If you're looking for a bargain or are into calling non-collectible items collectibles for the sake of justifying your purchases, this item is for you. I am asking for $30.

    The last item I am listing is a white jiggs pBone. I realize this is not a trombone forum but I figured I'd list it anyway. It's a lot of fun to use and it is great condition as I have only had the chance to use it a handful of times. It comes with the case and the plastic mouthpiece. I am asking $100.

    I am open to offers and negotiations so feel free to PM me at any time. I will be checking my messages daily. Thank you!

  2. SM4X still available?

  3. Hi, I am interested in purchasing the SM4X. Is it still available?

  4. Hello BessonRocks,

    The listing is over 3 years old. I suspect it likely that the original poster is no longer checking in. If you use the Private Message feature you might be able to get a response.

    Doug - (one of the moderators)
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    Good catch, Doug! In fact, this listing is his most recent. Maybe the PM will work, though.

    BessonRocks: if a PM doesn't work, you might try creating a WTB (wanted to buy) listing in this section.
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