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    Very nice piece of music played by one of the best saxhorn player, Tom Caudelle:

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    Beautifully played. Thanks for sharing his video.

    Robert Pendergast, DM

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    Wow! This has leaked my interest in this instrument! Does it play similarly to a Euphonium? What kind of ensemble does it appear in most frequently? Does anyone know where I can buy one in the US?

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    When my wife and I went to the ITEC convention in Knoxville, TN in 2016, Opus 333, was there and we heard them in the Willson instrument display area. They are a French saxhorn quartet and play on the Willson Saxhorn. They were quite good. I liked the saxhorn, and if I already didn't have probably too many instruments (is that possible?), I would seriously consider getting one of these. You could play it in your community band and similar places and cover the baritone/euphonium part. Search for Opus 333 on YouTube and you can hear them in action. Pretty good group.

    To answer the question on where to get one, try your local Willson dealer. Probably have to order it, seems these things are mostly in Europe.
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