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Thread: Bent mouthpieces/embouchure problem

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    Bent mouthpieces/embouchure problem


    I have a question about the usefulness/validity of using a bent mouthpiece/receiver. I will be joining my college marching band next year and they use a style of marching euphonium that look like concert euphoniums except the valves are in the front. My mouthpiece placement all throughout middle school and high school has been pretty low and this has given me some problems when I play. When I'm sitting down to play and have the horn positioned against my body, I have to look down a little bit in order to play. When I try to bring my head up I have to bring the horn out a bit in order to compensate. This translates pretty much the same way standing up as well. When I have the horn against my body and I'm standing up, I look down in order to play. When I need to lift my head up, I'll hold the horn away from my body.

    I've tried to fix this issue by changing my mouthpiece placement and just bringing the horn to my face while looking straight ahead. Neither of these solutions work, and I believe that it may be due to too much pressure on the top lip. My range and mobility are fine with the current embouchure that I have. I can generally hit an E5 in bass clef with my current embouchure. Whenever I try to fix it, I get a very airy F4, and I can't do much else.

    I was thinking about getting either a bent mouthpiece or an angled receiver of some sort that attaches to the leadpipe but I'm not sure if this is the route to go.

    Thank you.

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    You can have a mpc bent slightly to accommodate the needed angle. In my opinion that would be better than bending the leadpipe. I know that Warburton has done this and I'm sure Doug Elliott could do this as well.

    Here's a link to where Warburton advertises doing this:
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