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    Can anyone comment on the build quality of the JP Sterling horns? I'm interested in the Eb alto (tenor) horn, but my research shows that baritones, euphoniums and tubas are also produced under the moniker.

    I have a JP Rath alto trombone that is a very nice horn. Fit is excellent, finish is decent and it sounds great (really great, actually). Definitely a keeper. I'm wondering how the JP Sterling horns compare in case I pursue my interest in the alto horn.


  2. If you haven't already you might want to look at the Wessex brand. I have a Wessex baritone and absolutely love it.
    If their alto horn is the same quality as their baritone, it's the best bang for your buck out there. IMHO
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  3. Interesting. Thanks for the tip.

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    I can't speak for the tenorhorns, but I'm not a huge fan of the JP Sterling baritone. It's OK, but the bell is awfully thin and it gets a really strident quality to the sound when pushed even a bit. I haven't done an in-depth tuning analysis of one myself, but someone I play with who had one had massive problems playing in tune. He says it's much better than the generic JinBao Schiller instrument he had before that, though.

    I do like the JP Sterling euphonium, although I like the Wessex euphonium better.

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    I can second Barry's view of the J.P. Sterling baritone. I subbed in a brass band and they provided that model horn. The tone was way too bright - but I'm a eupher so wasn't sure what to expect. The 3rd slide is about 1/2" too long so pretty flat. The guy on 1st baritone playing the same model horn told me he had his 3rd slide shortened some to play better in tune.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickF View Post
    I subbed in a brass band and they provided that model horn
    I think Mike bought those based on my recommendation. It was the best instrument available at the time in the price range. They can sound good, you just need to use a lot of care when playing them to keep them in that zone where they work well.


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