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Thread: Wessex Festivo

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    I have my Festivo about half a year now. Initially, I tried the Wick SM4U, but I found I had better slotting using the Wessex MP.
    It should be noted that I'm still in the "Breaking-in" period of my Festivo, as I don't play it as often as I would like. Maybe when I'm better used to the horn I'll try a MP change.
    Martin Monné
    • Wessex Festivo, 4-valve compensating (2017) - Denis Wick SM4U
    • Hirsbrunner HBS 378 Standard, 4-valve compensating (1983) - Denis Wick SM3.5
    • Couesnon Saxhorn Basse, 4-valve - Denis Wick 6BM
    • Mahillon Bass Saxhorn, 4-valve (1927)- Denis Wick 4AY
    • Anton Hüller Tenor Horn, 3-valve (Early 20th Century, HP) - Denis Wick 10CS

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    I had an interesting mouthpiece experience many years ago. Was playing a Conn constellation 4 valver with a Conn 5 mouthpiece. With the goal of getting a deeper, more Euphonium sound, I went down to the local music store where i tried out a couple of dozen mouthpieces over a 2 hour stretch. What I discovered was the Conn 5 was the best overall mouthpiece for the horn. I did buy a Schilke 51 which accomplished my goal, but use it sparingly. To get ready for the new Festivo mouthpiece, I dug out the Schilke and tried it with the Yamaha replacing the Yamaha 48 that came with the horn. To my surprise, the Schilke gave the horn a much clearer and precise tone without any sacrifice to range and stamina. I figured Wessex spent some time with the horn/mouthpiece combination to come up with this match, so I will give it the old college try with their format. The Conn 5 will also fit the same horn, so will mess with that combo as well. I'll let you know what I come up with.


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