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    I’ve been gravitating in between the Wick 4AL and several 3 sized pieces (SM3, SM3U, SM3X, K&G 3D) for a while. I really liked the singing abilities of the 4AL but my chops needed more room to perform efficiently. So some time ago I had Doug Elliot thread a 4AL for me so I could screw a 104 rim on it. That worked for me, but I felt that the sound got a little harsh in the high (and extreme high) register. Also I felt that I had to hold back on air when playing (I’ve always liked to move a lot of air). The sound however of the 4AL in the middle register was great!
    After posting on the forum what my issues where the suggestion of the Warburton BT16 was made. (Thanks John Morgan)
    I got a BT16 from John Jones (JTJ on the forum):

    Just by looking at the mouthpiece I thought that I’d lose a lot of flexibility, this because of the mass of the mouthpiece and the large rim thickness.
    However none of this was true for me when I started playing it…..

    First of all the rim feels great on my chops. I’d say it’s right in the middle of a wick 3 & 4.
    The mouthpiece is not as deep as the SM3, It’s more like the SM3X.
    As for the sound…… I can produce a full, low register with some punch (without holding back like on the 4AL) The middle register has lots of depth to the sound. Thing I love most about the piece is the high register. It’s makes my Silver belled E3 sing and soar across the Brass band. I can give it as much air as I want up high without the sound getting harsh. There really is a liveliness with this mouthpiece, that’s what I liked about the 4AL as well.

    Thanks to both Johns for suggesting and selling the Warburton BT16 to me. I really feel that my mouthpiece safari is over!

    Great to have a forum like this so we can suggest things and help each other out…..
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    Quote Originally Posted by DutchEupho View Post
    ....After posting on the forum what my issues were the suggestion of the Warburton BT16 was made. (Thanks John Morgan)
    I got a BT16 from John Jones (JTJ on the forum)...
    Glad the Warburton Demondrae mouthpiece works for you. I haven't found anything that I prefer more. And I have tried quite a few over the past several years. It is all personal, but for me, this mouthpiece just delivers the sound and range I like.
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