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Thread: Kurun & Gilbert (K&G) Mouthpieces

  1. Kurun & Gilbert (K&G) Mouthpieces

    Robbert Vos plays on a K&G mouthpiece and on his site he states "The inside edgeis very round and comfortable" has anyone on the forum experience of these mouthpieces

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    I tried one out. It was really beautifully made and I think the rim is indeed very comfortable. I would characterize the rim as being fairly flat and wide, similar to denis wick or the standard doug elliott rim. The inside edge is certainly rounded over and is very comfortable, but it's a relatively sharp bite.

    Their sizes are much smaller than the measurements on their web site would lead you to believe. I would pick out what you think is right and go one or two sizes bigger. Because of this, I tried out a mouthpiece that was much smaller than what I am used to and consequently I don't really have any good observations about what they sound like.

    I also had an issue with the stem bottoming out in the receiver of my instrument and thus it wobbled a tiny bit.

    My biggest problem was that, after trying it out and realizing it wasn't going to work for me, they gave me a really hard time about returning it despite their advertising a 15-day trial policy on their web site. They wrote me and said that they would exchange for a different size, but only ONCE and that they wouldn't offer me the ability to try other sizes. I didn't think this was workable and I asked for a refund, which they took their time in providing -- and they sent the refund as a paypal payment to me rather than as a refund, so I had to pay the commission to paypal.

  3. Thank you for your reply I am a bit confused if the inside edge is rounded over and comfortable what do you mean by a relatively sharp bite ?

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    the edge is rounded and comfortable, but overall the rim is relatively flat, and the transition from rim to cup is not as gradual as a bach mouthpiece, for example.

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    I was not fully satisfied with a SM 3.5, I decided to try a K&G 3.5 with my UK besson prestige. The result is very good. I can play the full range (C# below the stuff till high F - still struggled to reach high G, but it is the player the problem...). Good articulation and flexibility. I guess that the K&G 3.5 is more like a DW 4 than a 3.5.

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    I'm using K & G mouthpieces since about one year and half both on euphonium, trombone and baritone. I confirm they are excellent and perfectly fit for me: best sound projection, best endurance, best intonation. The only problem is their comparison table that gives a smaller cup diameter than reality.(K&G 3 is relevant to DWSM3 - K&G 4 is relevant to Schilke 51).
    Besson Prestige 2052,3D K&G mouthpiece;JP373 baritone,T4C K&G mouthpiece;Bach 42GO trombone,T4C K&G mouthpiece

  7. Thanks for replies, All the mouthpieces I use are 26mm cup diameter the K&G 4.5 is 25.9 and the K&G 4.0 is 26.2 I am inclined to go for the latter with my Prestige 2052

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    For my York 4052 I started on a DW 4AL, then SM4U and gradually got smaller in terms of rim diameter over the next 5 years until I found a size comfortable to me - a Bach 5G. I felt really at ease with this size but the tone wasn't a patch on the larger DWs I used to play on and the intonation was challenging right across the range.

    I got in touch with K&G via email and wanted to try a 5.5D as that is what matched up with their comparison chart. K&G actually told me that although the diameter of a 5.5D matches up with a Bach 5G the way the mouthpiece is actually designed means that the internal diameter below the rim will be narrower so advised me to try a 4.5D and a 5D instead.

    I tried both and they sounded great, seemed to add more character to the sound (like I was playing on a much bigger diameter mouthpiece) and the 5D was the easier to play so I went with that but at the time I really regretted not trying the 5.5D. I have a small mouth and fairly thin lips so the contact area on my lips and not the cup volume is more of the issue for me I think.

    I played on the 5D for a while but in the search to find something that gave me more ease in the high range like a Bach 5G I then got a DC5. The DC5 is definitely smaller and much closer to the Bach 5G than a K&G 5D. I was really happy playing on the DC5 for 6 months and then out of the blue I decided to play the K&G 5D for a hour in our big church hall and compare it to the DC5. There is no doubt the DC5 was easier to play and the notes slotted far better and if i had never tried a K&G I would think the DC5 is the mouthpiece for me but the K&G gave me such a great sound so I've spent the last 6 months persevering with the 5D and have never been happier with my sound and my upper range is now back to where I was with the Bach 5G (still not great but at least it hasn't gone backwards) and my stamina has improved.

    I've rambled on without really saying much so I guess I have three points to make:
    You have to be able to try mouthpieces as comparison charts can only tell you so much
    It can take a long time to adapt to a new mouthpiece and really know if it works for you
    I think K&G mouthpieces are really really good - if you can nail down the right size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by graeme View Post
    Thanks for replies, All the mouthpieces I use are 26mm cup diameter the K&G 4.5 is 25.9 and the K&G 4.0 is 26.2 I am inclined to go for the latter with my Prestige 2052
    One of the guys I know always used a SM4 (think that's a 26mm diameter) for years and after spending some considerable time trying different sizes of K&G mouthpieces has settled on a 3.5D as the 4D felt too small. He seems really happy with it.

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    You may even want to go for the 3.5 to get what you're expecting.

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