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    I'm not eve sure if this is the right place for this but anyway...

    I'm currently a tuba a student that's late-beginner/intermediate. I'm not quite sure what tuba I should get, as I don't have $10,000 and I'm not quite sure what size to get. I'm currently using a Conn Helleburg and a Jupiter 3/4 size tuba. As I can probably only get one tuba before collage, should I get a 4/4 or a 5/4 tuba? Advice would be appreciated!

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    Look at Wessex for really good tubas at very affordable prices. I can't really recommend what size to get, but you can get a whole lot of tuba for a great price at Wessex. Also great service, warranty, and return policy if not satisfied.

    Hopefully someone else will chime in on what would be a good size, Bb vs. C vs. even Eb, etc. Good luck!
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    I played tuba for a while. I would get a 4/4 tuba. I played a used Mirafone 186 BBb but started on Conn 20J - also BBb. Wessex tubas look good. You did not state if your Jupiter was BBb or CC and whether it has three or four valves. It depends on what kind of playing you want to do. Do you have a lesson teacher? If so consult with them. Also check out the Tuba Forum for even more information.
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  4. What do you plan on using it for? You say you're not in college yet and already have a Jupiter 3/4 -- is this a home practice tuba? Do you use a school-provided tuba on campus?

    If your director has no particular guidance, for general high school use, a 4/4 BBb is your best bet unless you're being taught by someone who tells you otherwise, or if you're in a school orchestra where the director would prefer you to be using a CC or F tuba. Wessex and Mack Brass are solid choices for a "step-up" tuba that you could later resell for a professional model later down the line. Also check out brass stores' used sections -- like right now, Tuba Exchange has a nice-looking Conn 20J 6/4 BBb and a Yamaha 4/4 BBb, both for $2000, and Dillon Music has a house-brand rotor CC 4/4 for $1400.

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