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Thread: Mayberry Town Concert - Andy Griffith Show Suite - Quartet

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    Mayberry Town Concert - Andy Griffith Show Suite - Quartet

    This video has a demo of 4 songs from this suite. There are 9 songs, although 13 are included if you count songs within the medleys. The variety gives you many options. Most songs could stand alone in a concert, or you could assemble a few into a suite. And there is a lot of room for skits or humorous announcements!

    The difficulty was toned down in these on purpose, while still maintaining fun parts for players and an enjoyable experience for the audience. I wanted amateur groups to be able to do them, including high school players. The hardest piece is Stars & Stripes because of the piccolo solo in the euphonium part. That would be a chore for even a good HS player. But the rest are quite accessible. There are a few optional parts where tougher licks can be avoided if necessary.

    Song list:
    1. ROMANY LIFE - Victor Herbert (Gypsy rain making episode)

    2. BRINGING IN THE SHEAVES - George Minor

    3. LEANING ON THE EVERLASTING ARMS - Elisha Hoffman (1839-1929)
    An episode featured a church organ that had a sticking key (cipher). That is an optional part of this song.

    4. THE MARINE'S HYMN - Jacques Offenbach
    For Gomer Pyle, of course. This actually combines the Marine'e Hymn and Sousa's Semper Fidelis.

    5. JUANITA - Traditional Spanish
    Barney's girlfriend, to whom he sang this. He also played it on his harmonica.

    This has 4 bluegrass songs (is that a first for tuba quartet???)

    The town drunk. More skit potential with optional sections. Songs are Little Brown Jug and The Vacant Chair. The latter is for when Andy and Barney made Otis think he was killed while driving drunk (and was now in Heaven). The song was written during the Civil War. In introducing the piece(s) you could also mention that the show used many words for the inebriated state Otis is often in: drunk, sozzled, tiddly, crocked, gassed, having a snoot full, and soused.

    Optional section/skit for when Barney tries to sing this and gets it all wrong.

    9. STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER - John Philip Sousa

    Available from Cimarron Music:
    Mayberry Town Concert

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