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  1. Wessex Dolce Euphonium

    After playing the same Yamaha 321S for the last 38 years (and not being able to find a pre-1974 B&H Imperial) I have ordered a Wessex Dolce Euphonium. I'm looking forward to getting it soon and learning the intricacies of the compensating system! I'll post a "review" soon thereafter. btw: I based my decision to buy the Wessex primarily because of the other reviews on this forum. Thanks again to Dr. Werden for providing such a great source of information!

    John U.
    1979 Yamaha 321S (original owner)
    1965 Conn Valve Trombone
    Giardinelli 4D

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    You're welcome! I have said many times that I find the forum a valuable resource for me, too! We have so many great members here that the collective knowledge and community spirit are terrific!

    Congratulations on ordering the Wessex. It's a very good choice and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. The compensating system is pretty simple in concept so I'm sure that won't be a challenge. However, it does change the feel of the blowing a bit, and it certainly adds some weight.

    We all look forward to hearing your review/feedback after you get some playing time on the new horn!
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  3. At some point in the future I may also pull the trigger on an Adams. I've heard/read nothing but rave reviews about them. For someone who primarily plays solos with piano in a church setting what would be the recommended combination of options? (Yes, I know, that's a "can of worms" question.) I like my sound to be just a tad bit brighter than the traditional British sound. I remember reading somewhere on this forum that Dr. Werden may have once played an Adams E1 with a .50 Red Brass bell (?) and said it had a nice ("honey of a..") sound. I guess the best thing to do would be to travel to Ittervoort and try them all!
    1979 Yamaha 321S (original owner)
    1965 Conn Valve Trombone
    Giardinelli 4D

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    Or perhaps travel to where in the U.S. there is a big convention where Adams will be there. Adams usually brings a pretty good sampling of their euphonium line. I see you might seem to be a FedEx pilot, perhaps you can indeed get to Holland easily and cheaply, that is what I would do.
    John A. Morgan
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  5. Yes Sir, you are correct. I could jumpseat to Amsterdam or Cologne, Germany. Cologne is geographically closer but crossing the border may take longer than the train from Amsterdam...
    1979 Yamaha 321S (original owner)
    1965 Conn Valve Trombone
    Giardinelli 4D

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    That depends on how you intend to cross. Normally, due to the Schengen-agreement, crossing the border between Germany and The Netherlands isn't really that much of an issue.

    Public transport (train & bus) from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport to Ittervoort will be two and a half to three hours. By car from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport will take approximately two hours in normal traffic.

    By car from Cologne Airport will be one hour and twenty minutes in normal traffic. Public transport from Cologne Airport will be over four (!!) hours...
    Martin Monné
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  7. Thanks Martin for the info!
    1979 Yamaha 321S (original owner)
    1965 Conn Valve Trombone
    Giardinelli 4D

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    crossing a border in Europe is not an issue: Germany and Holland are both Schengen countries, so this is not an issue. Adams has a division in Diest (Belgium) also, i suppose they have all instruments available there.


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