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Thread: New 4-Valve Compensated Baritone

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    Very nice sound!
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    Looks amazing. I would love to get a chance to try one out at some point. I'm very interested in your Baritone BR140 right now for a brass band here in Tucson AZ that I've been wanting to join.

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    We (the two baris in the Huntsville Brass Band) have a part that drops to a low C (just above pedal Bb) on tomorrow night's concert. Too bad we can't do a quick borrow
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    I tried out this instrument at the TUSABTEW. It's obvious the design of the wrap owes a lot to the Besson 2056. I think the bell diameter is enlarged. I really liked the very smart addition of a thumb ring, as the compensating loops on this type of instrument make it really difficult to anchor one's thumb on the side of the first valve as is customary, unless you have tiny hands. Valves felt GREAT. I'm not sure about the wyvern-engraved finger buttons, I think I prefer the feel of buttons with MoP (or plastic) inlay. Quality of the workmanship looked really good. It seemed to have some of the same intonation difficulties that the 2056 has, requiring 1+2 for concert D above the bass clef staff, maybe 1+3 for middle C (it's closer and you could probably get away with the slightly flat first valve), and 1+2 for concert A a sixth higher. Unfortunately, I can't fairly comment further on the playability or tone as it sounded and felt like something was wrong with it. Perhaps something loose, a big leak, or something stuck in the bore. Their 3-valve instrument has a fantastic sound from what I remember about the last time I played one. It was a prototype and Jonathan mentioned they were still tweaking the design. So, I feel like it's very promising and look forward to trying one again once they've figured out what was going on with the prototype.

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    Any updates on this? Excited to try it.

  6. I should be able to give availability after visit to the factory in one week. At present expect out March 2018, although will have mark 2 prototype later this year.
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