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Thread: Finding music for Marine corps Audition

  1. Finding music for Marine corps Audition

    I have decided to join The United States Marine Corps band. I am a senior in High school. The trouble I'm having with is choosing a solo to play. Sadly i had to switch from trumpet to Euphonium for half of my Junior year of High school, due to embochure overuse syndrome. I have a strong G above the staff. I make progress very slowly and i am worried that by May of 2017 I might not have a strong High B-flat. I am wondering if Someone could tell me of Solos that are still 5 or 6 (Im from Texas so for us UIL is grade 2 or 1) that are not too high and do-able for a Marine Corps Audition. and Also for tips on how to better my range.

  2. There's this article on the forum that Dave wrote about the Matteson Technique and as for solos, take a look at the jwpepper website if you haven't already. The grading scale is a little bit odd, but you can listen to the solos too. There's also some pretty good stuff on the cimarron site and you can also listen to them on there, and look at part of the sheet music.

  3. Thank you so much for your information!

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