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Thread: Perparing for a Marine Band Audition

  1. Perparing for a Marine Band Audition

    I have decided to join The United States Marine Corps band. I am a senior in High school. The trouble I'm having with is choosing a solo to play. Sadly i had to switch from trumpet to Euphonium for half of my Junior year of High school, due to embochure overuse syndrome. I have a strong G above the staff. I make progress very slowly and i am worried that by May of 2017 I might not have a strong High B-flat. I am wondering if Someone could tell me of Solos that are still 5 or 6 (Im from Texas so for us UIL is grade 2 or 1) that are not too high and do-able for a Marine Corps Audition. and Also for tips on how to better my range.

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    Welcome to the forum! I moved your post to its own thread, since your questions are different from those in the other thread.

    Can you tell us more about the audition? I assume you are talking about the Marine Band program in general, not THE U.S. Marine Band???

    If can share the requirements you know of for this audition, that would help as well.

    Try the tips here for building your high range:
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    Well if you have already experienced embouchure collapse, than I'd say don't push yourself too hard. It will come with time. I'd say two hours, give or take, is a healthy amount of practicing per day. Do you do any daily routines and exercises? Work out of books like Brass Gym, Clark Studies, etc. I'd say there is nothing better than scales and chromatic, be familiar with all 48 major and minors. Set goals for yourself, small weekly goals that lead up to a big goal. If there is sight reading involved in your audition get a etude book and sight read everyday. If there are excerpts, ask to copy all the euph parts out of your HS band library, especially marches. Assuming you've been reading treble clef bass, since you switched from trumpet, it may be beneficial to learn bass clef as well.

    As for solos for TSSEC, pick a grade one. The difficulty between a grade 1 vs grade 2, on the Texas PML, is like 7th grade vs. HS sophomore. Assuming the region solo contest is in February, you better pick a solo and order it soon so you can work on it through the winter break. Go onto the PML look, search for grade 1 euph solos, listen to them on YouTube, and pick one you like. Order a few incase you decide you don't like the one you had originally chose. Maybe try learning it all over the winter break, use January to memorize the piece if you are trying to go to TSSEC, and February for final polishing details.
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  4. I am Auditioning of for a position in the Music Enlistement Option Program (MEOP). The requirements for my audition are. To play the 5 prepared excerpts they have.
    1.) Purple carnival (Alford)
    2.) Arms of America (Pryor)
    3.)Second Suite in F major (Holts)
    4.) Molly on the shore (Grainger)
    5.) Curcus bee (Filmore)
    I have to play two of the 48 major, minor, harmonic, melodic. The music judge will tell me which ones to play at the moment of the audition.
    I have to sightread a piece.
    I have to have a prepared solo (Texas UIL 1-2). It seems different on the other marine corps districts which is 5-6
    I do know how to read bass cleft, that was probably the easiest aspect of switching from trumpet.

    But i would still love some suggestions of Solos that you would find appropiate with my case right now. I will try to work and improve my range.
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  5. Yes i do have a daily routine, i began taking lessons for Euphonium the week after I switched from trumpet. Lately i have not been able to go with my teacher. Due to the fact that he recently got engaged, he has also been traveling around for the holidays and i have been competing with out high school marching band. I would like some recommendations in solos as they pertain to my case at the moment. There are so many to look into I would love to have some recommendations to make it easier in finding my solo. I would love to play harder grade 1 Texas UIL solos but i am Limited by my range.

    Thank you for your time

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    I'm trying to remember... but I think Beautiful Colorado is within your range. That MUST be on the list, I would think (it's a warhorse).

    Without a high Bb (concert) it limits the options quite a bit, but you need to find something that is solid for you.
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  7. Do you know of maybe any Trombones solos that could also be played in Baritone/ Euphonium?

    I could also play an Etude as long as the book that the etude came from is graded on a 2-1 scale (Texas-UIL)

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    Almost any of the contest solos for trombone could be played on euphonium. This is commonly done with Beautiful Colorado, Blue Bells of Scotland, Annie Laurie, Love's Enchantment, Morceau Symphonique, and many others.
    Dave Werden (ASCAP)
    Euphonium Soloist, U.S. Coast Guard Band, retired
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    I know this post is old, I just couldn't figure out how to make a new one. I have my meop audition on June 9th. I know the process has slightly changed where they have you play the packet of excerpts instead of solo pieces, my question is does anyone know how the grading system works for the audition.


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