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Thread: Hirsbrunner Tuning Trigger

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    Hirsbrunner Tuning Trigger

    Hey everyone!

    I am currently looking into fitting a tuning trigger for my Hirsbrunner HB 378. I have been eye balling the MTP trigger system and doing some digging on my options as well. I am aware that Hirsbrunner offered optional tuning triggers for their euphoniums. Would any of you happen to have any information about either the Hirsbrunner trigger system and possible leads on where I could find one, or other trigger systems like the MTP and their compatibility with Hirsbrunner euphoniums?

  2. Welcome to the forum!

    I play on a hirsbrunner myself, but have never seen the stock trigger assembly you speak of. If it is something that can be retrofitted to an existing horn, you could probably email Peter Hirsbrunner and inquire about it (via the hirsbrunner website). Parts can still be obtained from him and he even still produces the horns on special order as I understand. Personally, ive never found much need for a tuning trigger on mine (either of them....I also owned a different one back in college), but I know there are many factors that come into play when it comes to intonation....the range you are playing in, mpc choice, etc.

    Do you have a good brass repair person in your area?.....I mean the "wizard" type that can rebuild a horn or fabricate parts? If so they may be able to make a trigger system from scratch that is superior to something aftermarket. Even the aftermarket one you mention is going to need some degree of tweaking to work....the main slide will need some work to be able to slide easily, for example.

    good luck!

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