I have a beautifully preserved 34J (lacquer - bell front) which I've asked if I might part with after having it the past 24 years. I purchased it completely renovated at that time, and I've babied it ever since. I have a homemade case for the body which protects it likely better than production cases for same.
I want to be fair to a buyer, but also fair to me in terms of asking price.
The instrument has the engraving USN on the bell and I'm assuming that perhaps one of the Navy military bands had it in their possession and then traded it in updating their inventory.
It plays marvelously. I typically use a 24AW mouthpiece and although I'm not as strong on the bottom end of the range, it lets me approach those notes almost effortlessly. I've used it in all applications from being the only bass player for a 75 piece concert band and even down to delicate brass quintet work. The other guys in the quintet loved it when I turned the bell 180-degrees and played. With the bell turned, it played acoustically and it was less of an issue worrying about blowing the other guys away.
Anyway, if someone has recently seen the value of a well kept 34J and can pass along recommended selling prices I'd sure appreciate it.
I'm a new member to dwerden.com and will look forward to hearing from any of the rest of you.