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Thread: Besson New Standard Euphonium Missing 4th Valve Lock

  1. Besson New Standard Euphonium Missing 4th Valve Lock

    I purchased a euphonium from someone else on this forum recently. Before the purchase he informed me that when he had bought the horn, the previous owner hadn't told him of the missing 4th valve lock. After contacting a couple of music repair shops online, one replied saying the clip and screw for Besson 968/967 would work. Is this true?
    Any input is helpful. Thank you!
    Link to parts:


  2. Russell,

    The lock clip will certainly work, though might require a some drilling or filing at the small end. The thread on the screw will be different, however, as the New Standard is Imperial thread whilst the thread of the screw above is for the German built horns which are Metric. HOWEVER, I am certain that a good repair shop can either find a screw or tap your horn for Metric. I'd buy the parts and if it doesn't just work, have your shop fix the screw issue for you.

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  3. OK,
    Thank you very much!

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