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Thread: Valve Guide for Willson 2900s

  1. Valve Guide for Willson 2900s

    Does anybody know where I can order a replacement valve guide for a Willson 2900? I recently bought one, but even though the guide screwed in the valve; it does not fit in the casing by any stretch of the imagination. Could someone please tell me where I could order some new ones, perhaps some that might fit?

    Thank you
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  2. They are made over size so not fitting is fine. You can take them down with a bit of emery board or a nail file. Go slow, there is a fine margin between too tight and too loose. Its probably easier to take this to a repairer, but its a useful skill to develop as guides tend to go when you are no where near one in my experience.
    Remember to clean any dust from sanding before pushing the valve into the case.

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