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Thread: Yamaha Silent Brass PM2X - new!

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    Yamaha Silent Brass PM2X - new!

    Anyone know where one can be purchased from, and for how much? Limited information on the Yamaha site, and I can find no online retailers listing it. PM1X also available for tuba now, built on the same resonance-enhancement technology used by the trumpet and trombone mutes.

    There's a video on the Yamaha Atelier Hamburg FB page showing the tuba model. I have sent a message asking them about availability, but no response yet.

    I love the trombone one, and haven't been able to find a comparably good euphonium practice mute.

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    Just found that Hickeys has the Tuba model, but ouch! $560 for the mute and personal studio module. Trumpet/Trombone version is typically around $200.

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    More digging = more information, sort of.

    Looks like some European shops are pre-selling just the euphonium pick-up mute for around $200, with first availability around September 15. I hope the distribution is worldwide, and that we don't have to wait too long in the US before someone has it at a good price.

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    Sorry for beating the thread to death, but I figure someone else out there must be interested in these mutes too...

    Horn Guys has the Tuba mute listed at $560 as well, with the following note:

    This is a new design of the famous Silent Brass practice mute, due to be released in September 2016. Reports are that the mute fits entirely inside the tuba bell, making transport much easier than earlier designs. Besides allowing you to practice in near silence without bothering others, the Silent Brass mute amplifies your sound, sending it to a small mixing box and earphones. This allows you to hear your sound clearly, reducing the player's temptation to over blow during practice.

    Norm Pearson, tubist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, has tried an early prototype and liked it so much that he has already made a reservation for his own.

    We'll have more information as the new Silent Brass mutes are released.


    I'm sending a note to them about the euph version availability. I know I seem overly-excited by this device, but it really is a great mute on its own, and the electronics really make it feel as close to real playing as, well, real playing.

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    I have purchased the PM2X, and will post an update once I've been able to try it out.

    Both Hickey's and Brass Guys now have the whole system (SB2X) listed, and Hickey's has the pickup mute only (PM2X) available separately.

    I've been on the quest for a good, scratch that and make it playable, practice mute. I find the Wick too cumbersome, and the Mead travel mute is just not what I had hoped for, especially compared to practice mutes that I use with other instruments such as the Bremner Shh line and the Yamaha Silent Brass.

    I'm hoping that the new Silent Brass will be comparable to the rest of the SM/PM-X line, which are good practice mutes on their own, but are outstanding when coupled with the electronic resonance enhancement system.

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    After waiting for years, I'm glad to see they finally came out with an updated version for euph! It's cool to see that you can disassemble to fit inside your bell. Hopefully I'll be able to try one out soon. However, I think that they look a little bit like you're playing with a toilet plunger in your bell.
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    I can't wait for this product. I have the Best Brass mute but I just use that as a warm up mute that I keep inside my bell. I am in the market for a really good practice mute and I am hoping the new Silent Brass mute will fit the bill. It does look overly cumbersome compared to the trombone and trumpet mutes, however if it plays good, then that is what matters. This is a mute I would only keep at home though.
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    I just responded on another thread with a limited review of just the PM2X without the electronics.


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