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Thread: Moving on from the Schlk 51D

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    Moving on from the Schlk 51D

    Hello all! I just had a quick question for you all about trying a new mouthpiece on a Yamaha 642-IIS Neo Euphonium.

    I have been studying Music Education at Concordia College for 2 years and I have been playing a Denis Wick 4AL on my Euphonium for the past year or so. I recently (the past week) switched back to my Schilke 51D because I really do like the sound and I don't have to work nearly as hard. In addition to that, I have much more stamina on the 51D (no wonder, right?!). I'm wondering, though, does anyone on here have any suggestions as to what mouthpiece I could try next?

    Thank you!
    Mr. Dan Spandl
    Yamaha 642-IIS Neo Euphonium (Denis Wick 4AL, Schilke 51D)
    Conn 52H Trombone
    Bach Strad 1969 Trumpet (M bore)

  2. I would say it depends on what you are looking for sound and feel wise that the schilke 51D doesn't offer then go from there. If you did not like the 4AL I would probably steer clear of Denis Wick pieces though many like the Steven mead series. A similar piece to the Schilke 51D is the Brian Bowman BB1 by DEG. It is common place in the states especially on Wilson horns. It is less U shaped than the Schilke giving it a little more warmth in my opinion. It is the piece I use and I really like it.

  3. You may also want to consider this mouthpiece. It's bigger than a 51D, but not too big. The Yamaha 53h

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    If you like the sound of the Schilke 51D, but want something a little bit bigger that will give you more flexibility -- most people will jump up to the 52E2.

    Hope that helps.

    - Pat

  5. I second the 52E2 if you're ok with the thinner rim. I absolutely love the sound I get from my 52E2 + Yamaha YEP321, I think the Schilkes and Yamahas go together very well. I do think the thinner rim of the 52E2 is something you have to adjust to (and adjust away from if you ever switch again) and it's not for everyone.
    Other mouthpieces you could consider are the DEG BB1 (Brian Bowman piece) and LOUD LM-48 (this is one I found similar but also definitely an improvement from the 51D)

  6. Sorry to chime in late, but another possibility is the Perantucci 4. This is a variation on the 51d designed by Lucas Spiros when he was playing with the Marine band. The main differences are a rounder rim and a much larger throat with a more open backbore. If you like the 51d's diameter and want something more free blowing this might work for you.

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