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Thread: Tiny hole in piston - what to do about it?

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    I had a similar issue with a valve on my Willson 2955. I noticed it one day while cleaning. A dot of flux, some heat, and a dot of solder sealed it right up, and hasn't been an issue since. The hole in your valve looks bigger and maybe jagged. Might need to be burnished flat before soldering, or even a tiny brass plug soldered into the hole, possibly. Take this to an experienced technician who can evaluate it in-person and determine the best repair.

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    I already had the same problem some years ago before a concert and had to fix it alone. I used this and it's still in place...
    Hope this can help. Regards.

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    Thanks for the advice everyone,
    I mailed a repairman and he said basically the same thing that you said, to solder it, probably with a little brass plug.
    I'll post a picture when the repairwork is done.

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    I thought you might enjoy this photo from Facebook, showing a person's 11-year-old Prestige valve. (click to expand it)

    Click image for larger version. 

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  5. I think, being a brass instrument, the technical word of what metallurgical method to use to as the best repair method is the word "brazing."

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