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Thread: Yamaha 52

  1. Yamaha 52

    Wondering how it compares to a Bach 4G or 5G. Is the cup depth comparable? I want to buy one for marching.

  2. Yamaha 52 (25,72 mm) in-between Bach 5g (25,55 mm) and Bach 4G (26 mm). But 5G and 4G is deeper than the Yamaha 52.

  3. And noting Bach's inconsistency through the years, the actual cup I.D. on any particular Bach mouthpiece has a good chance of being larger than the "spec." I have found this to be true across the board, from trumpet to tuba. The cup diameter of my 6 1/2 AL is as large as any "5" series mouthpiece by Bach or clones.

  4. Well in that case, I think I'll go with their 51D in small shank. I know it has a deep cup.

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