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Thread: Bargain: Mint Like New G&W Carbonaria mouthpieces - large and small shank

  1. Bargain: Mint Like New G&W Carbonaria mouthpieces - large and small shank

    Hi Folks - I've got 2 G&W Carbonaria mouthpieces for sale. If you are not familiar with these, they are based off the Art Lehman pieces with very deep cups (actually Ivan told me it was copied off of Glenn Call's Lehman small) They predictably produce a huge dark sound and the most amazing thing is that you do not lose any high register for such a deep cup. In short, I think these are some of the best euphonium pieces I've ever played. So why the sale? Well I already have two (a primary and a spare) for use in my Wessex, and this piece I got for use with the Neo I sold it has only been played just a few times and is in perfect condition.

    The small shank has an interesting story. I got it for my Olds Ambassador. It produces a very nice tone and feels great but it plays FLAT in this isn't just this mouthpiece as even my regular 6.5AL and Doug Elliott's standard small shanks (E size) play extremely flat also in the Olds. I spoke with Doug about this, and he explained that the Olds small shank euphs and trombones have a smaller taper than most standard small shanks and the end result is regular pieces stick way out of the receiver, lowering the pitch. Doug Elliott just finished a special shank for me with my Olds, and Voila, pitch issue solved. I played this small shank Carbonaria in my trombone and baritone, and the pitch was fine.

    G&W is now charging $165 for each of these. I'd like $130 for the pair, or $75 each....that's less than half priced!
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  3. Large shank is SOLD! Small shank still available.

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    GW could turn down that shank for an Olds. I know exactly what you mean by the taper. I've got a Olds P22 Bass. Same issue, so I've turned down a Kelly 1 1/2. Have you talked to Webster about it?

    Good to know Doug does custom tapers.

  5. Doubtful that this could be turned down more than it is. It is really thin at the edge!


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