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Thread: NEW Front-Action Compensated Euphonium

  1. Got a chance to try this out at the DC conference. I only played it for a few minutes, but it seemed to play very well. I would agree with the previous comment that it felt very light and responsive. I couldn't really comment on the sound, as the room was pretty noisy, but I was pleasantly surprised. I will mention however that I felt it was more difficult to hold while standing than a standard "top valve" model, although this could've just been me.

  2. Unfortunately this horn didn't work very well for me at all when I tried it. The issues were two fold:

    1. Having the sound come into my left ear is distracting. Not so bad on my Conn 24I when I use a front facing bell, but I have the same feeling when I play the Conn with a straight bell.
    2. The horn was awkward for me to hold. My stomach sticks out too far (hint!) and the horn presses against my diaphragm when I hold it it the most natural way. Holding it away from my body is very uncomfortable due to its weight. I have the same issue with my Conn 24I but it is much lighter.

    I think it is a good horn, but not for me.

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    I e-mailed Wessex today about the availability and price. I was advised to check back in April. So I guess it is on hold.
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  4. I'm visiting the Wessex USA store in Ferrysburg, Michigan today (7/21). I'm planning to try the Festivo’ Front-Valve Compensated Euphonium – EP104, since I know there are a number of people that are interested in this model. I prefer top action valves myself, but it will be interesting to try a comp front action. Are these in stock to try?

  5. Sorry, Wessex Tubas Michigan store is closed until July 25th for vacation.
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