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Thread: GREAT Video on Brass Banding from the 1960's or So

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    GREAT Video on Brass Banding from the 1960's or So

    Dave Werden (ASCAP)
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    I had to stop at the part where the narrator said brass banders are "middle aged men who vote labor, drink pints, beat thier wives, and raise gray hounds." I was laughing so hard, had to share that with the wife! Now back to the rest of the video.
    Chris Bunker
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    That was excellent. Thanks for sharing.

    I had no idea that they kept 5x7 cards on each individual musician to verify their history and they're NOT professional (in paid sense). Pretty sure it must be on computer now.
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  4. That was great. It'll be worth a trip to Great Britain to see if I could find a village band to listen to.



  5. OK, I confess: I am a desk job guy. I never thought about the line from one of the miners that the hands of the workers from the manual labor were too gnarled to play a violin, but could manage valves, and the embouchure was good. Therefore, the brass band is the musical ensemble appropriate to the area. Great video!

  6. Another Interesting Video put this in a google search MRI Chamber Music with Sarah Willis For some reason I could not paste a link

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    I enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing Dave!
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