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Thread: Selling Besson 1065?

  1. Selling Besson 1065?

    I've just recently purchased a Besson new standard to replace my intermediate Besson 1065, does anyone have an idea of what A good price to sell at would be?
    Silver 3+1 without dents or rings or scratches. If possible, I just need enough to get a main tuning slide custom fit for the Besson new standard.

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    I suggest you look through the For Sale section. Threads marked with a green check indicate a horn that has been sold. You can get some idea of prices from the listings that are sold and even the asking price in other listings.

    I would say the price should be ROUGHLY similar to other name-brand non-comps with 4 valves (Yamaha 321, King 2280, etc.) in similar condition to yours.
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