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  1. Pan American help!

    I have an old tuba that I acquired that is missing a 3rd valve. It is a 3 valve Pan American Tuba. I was told that it was made in 1918. Can anyone recommend who to contact to get a replacement or see if there is one lying around anywhere? I'd really like to get this in working order again. Thank you!

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    It is hard to find valve replacements. Especially on a very old horn. Finding someone to fabricate a new one is even harder. On the tube net, there are several repair people who have a large collection of old parts. Your best bet is to post this there. You will need a lot more information about the horn such as the model and serial number, pictures and valve specs. With luck you'll find something, but this is a long shot.

  3. Pan American was a Conn related line, kind of like a first attempt at a student line of instruments. (as was the "Grand Rapids" line of instruments to the main York instruments) You might go to the Conn Loyalist web site and try to find an analog Conn model number. And as above, TubeNet has many resource persons.
    Main Conn Loyalist website:
    And a serial number guess chart to see if the horn was made in 1918. If so, it is a very early one, indeed!
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