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Thread: Opinons on Wisemann DEU700 vs. Mack or Wessex?

  1. Opinons on Wisemann DEU700 vs. Mack or Wessex?


    This is my first post in this forum - I've lurked here for a couple of years and am a little more active over at under the same username.

    As stated in the subject line, i'm curious if there are opinions about the Wisemann DEU700. There is one for sale on Craigslist here in Atlanta, purchased new from Rich Ita a couple of years ago.

    I've searched this forum and the 'net in general and haven't found much about the Wisemann euphoniums. I'm mostly curious about build quality in comparison to the Jin Bao's from Mack or Wessex - Wisemann tuba's seem to get great reviews.



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    DEU-700 comes back from a Google search as non-compensating. Is that what you want?
    Chris Bunker
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  3. I have experience with Schiller and Wessex. The Wessex is a very nice instrument. In particular, the new Dolce (with silver and gold trim) that I helped a local family purchase for their 7th grader had some significant improvements that make it better for students than the Schillers I had tried a few years ago.

    1. Threading on valve and bottom caps was MUCH MUCH better. No issues with cross threading or servicing of the valves. A student can be trained to clean and oil valves correctly.

    2. Pitch was very good.

    3. Sound was good (not as good as my Besson or Sterling) on a par with pre-NEO Yamaha 642.

    4. Case was ok. No internal storage for lyre, valve oil, etc. Just a place for the horn and the mouthpiece. Other accessories and music have to be put in the external pocket on the outer part of the case.

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  4. Thank you, both. Yes, I'm aware it's non-compensating.

    Regarding Schiller and Wessex, is Wisemann another Jin Bao?




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