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Thread: Trombone Doubling Issues

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    I would not try to use a SM-series mouthpiece on trombone.
    I have a very restricted stock of large shank mouthpieces. While I use the SM4X on my euphonium this one also works best for solo purposes on my old Besson bassbone. Better than the 1.5G (which I use in Bigband) and the solo mouthpiece my bone came with (don't remember brand and solist's name). But I agree, my Wick mouthpieces are not the best fit on my tenor trombone.

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    I think you should be more concerned about the "burning" issue you mention. It could be due to different muscles being exercised or it could be due to too much pressure on your lips. What is your range? How is your endurance in general?

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    Has your teacher played your trombone to check it? I would suggest taking the trombone and some mouthpieces to your next lesson. You teacher could evaluate the equipment and your playing.
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    Thanks for the tips everyone.
    A little update: things feel much better!

    I think it was a combination of not supporting the instrument properly with my left hand (and as a result pushing my face right into the mouthpiece) and using incorrect air. I worked on some visualization exercises and creating the fast air needed for a small bore trombone is getting easier!

    Moving on, I'm going to continue playing both instruments on the regular. I'm also going to consider speaking to Doug Elliot to see if I can find a common rim size.

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