Only one week now to US Army Tuba/Euphonium Workshop in Washington DC and Wessex Tubas will have our largest booth ever and plan to take the following horns;

EP100 Dolce Euphonium
ER120 Kaiser Baritone
TF135 Bubbie 5 F/Eb travel tuba (New model)
TB160 Mighty Midget BBb tornister
TC161 Mighty Gnome CC tornister
CR91 Eb cimbasso
TE465 Gnagey front action Eb (new model)
TE495 Danube rotary Eb (New model)
TC595 Wyvern 5/4 CC (prototype)
TB575 Luzern 5/4 5-valve rotary BBb
TB570 Excelsior Compensated BBb
TB490 Prague pocket Kaiser BBb
TB580 Michigan 5/4 BBb
TE360 Bombino 3/4 Eb
TB330 Junior Bb
TF435 Berg F tuba
TF545 Strauss F tuba
BR140 Compensated Baritone
BR115 Front Bell Baritone (New model)
SP28 Eb sousaphone
OC12 C Ophicleide

The star will no doubt be the new Wyvern CC - I have been playing myself this last week and wow, I have at last found a substitute for my beloved Neptune!

BTW I know many people pass by Wesssex thinking they can't be any good, if Chinese made. Well we believe if you actually try, you will change your mind, so as little incentive, we will be giving-away very nice pen/stylus/torch to anyone that stops by at the booth and gives Wessex horns a proper play test.

Photo shows Wessex Senior Consultant, Jim Langley play testing the prototype Wyvern CC at Factory earlier this month.
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