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Thread: Is Wessex worth the extra over other Jinbaos?

  1. I owned a Wessex for a over a year and was able to play a few different models of Schiller in Minnesota at one of Laabs stores. The Wessex to me felt more substantial and had a more pleasing tone to my ears. I would also echo the statements regarding both companies as well: Wessex has always been helpful and truthful to me, but Schiller outright lied to me about horns they had in stock and origins. Oh well.

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    Is anyone able to make a comparison between the Wessex and Yamaha 642? Thanks. JP

  3. I own a Yamaha 642 neo as well as the Wessex. Both borns have their purpose for me and both horns have their pros and cons. The fit and finish is much better on my Yamaha which is to be expected at 5 times the cost but both horns play very nice. The Wessex is more free blowing and in my opinion responds slightly better than my neo. It may be the floating leadpipe on the Wessex or the fact that it is lighter that makes it respond better than the neo. Also my Wessex is siver vs lacquer on my neo. As far as sound the neo seems more focused and dark while the Wessex has a bigger and more open sound. This is how it sounds to my ears. I like the sound of both horns and to choose one over the other would be difficult. Customer service on the Wessex has been great and they really do stand behind their product.

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