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Thread: Sterling-Perantucci Euphonium Case - needs to be replaced

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    Sterling-Perantucci Euphonium Case - needs to be replaced

    Hello, I have had my Sterling-Perantucci euphonium since the early 2000s (one of Perantucci's early euphonium models). It came with the wood shell case and it is still holding on but duct tape can only do so much.

    Anyone have any suggestions on a good, solid, case for replacement? I'd rather not get a gig bag - yes they are convenient but I worry too much about dents, dings, and slides getting misaligned.

    So, any suggestions? I believe it is a 12" bell.


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    Welcome to the forum!

    My personal choice for a hard case is the Marcus Bonna case. It should adapt to any standard euphonium, is light and compact, and is quite sturdy.

    JP Sterling (I think) makes a copy of this case for much less money, but I have not seen it or tested it.

    The MTS cases seem pretty sturdy, but are roughly as heavy as the case you already have. You can find them on this link:

    There is also an MTS case here (eBay) with free shipping:

    There is also the SBK, which I have not tried but which looks sturdy. It is probably the least expensive choice:
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    Thank you for the suggestions. Mts had come to mind to me too but they are so heavy. I will look into the Marcus Bonna case.

    Thanks, again, great site!


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