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Thread: Euphonium Suitability for Concert Band

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    OK, so that price range rules getting a new or used top-of-the-line current model. However, there are good choices available.

    As mentioned above the Wessex is worth a serious thought for the mid-teens in price. And about double that is the JP Sterling, which is still in your price range. Both horns are made in Japan. For a new horn, that is your best bet, but I'd stick with one of those two because they are truly "involved" in this market and not simply reselling whatever the Chinese factory has coming off the line.

    Both brands can be had readily. Wessex is a sponsor, and Dan Fisher is also a sponsor and he carries the JP Sterling line (any sponsor you see above has been hand-chosen by me because of their reputation and track record).

    The used market for 4-valve compensating horns could be good as well if you are patient. While you can't (probably) get a decent Prestige used for your price, for example, you can probably find an good older Sovereign or Imperial. Also the Yamaha 641-642 can be found in the $2k's somewhere. There have been British-made Sterlings around in that price. There have been a few, but not many, good Willsons in that price.

    So keep your ears open and watch the For Sale section here. I list things as I see them if they look like a good bet.
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    Good info - sounds like I need to take a good look at the Wessex Dolce. I really haven't found anyone speaking negatively about the horn. Thanks for this input.

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