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Thread: Looking for Euph mouthpiece

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    I'm all for fairly large euphonium mouthpieces, but I haven't tried a 1 1/2G. One problem with mouthpieces that large (e.g., the Schilke 60) is that your intonation may suffer severely.

    For an easily available and not too expensive mouthpiece, one of the Wicks should be good for you. I'd go with the 3AL (which I often do play on if I'm playing a lot in the low range -- like tuba or bass trombone parts). I think if you look closely at my Avatar here, you'll see that that's a 3AL I'm playing on.

    My main euphonium mouthpiece is a Doug Elliott which is very close to the 3AL in size (just slightly smaller) and performance. I have a Wick 2NAL but don't like the sound and response I get from it on a euphonium. With a 3AL you can in fact cover the octave below the bass clef staff if you want to. And it's not too large to make a decent high range straightforwardly playable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carbogast View Post
    I think I would stay away from that mouthpiece, the marks on the rim suggest that the gold plate has worn through.
    Great catch! Looked at the last photo, and that rim is in pretty rotten shape.
    Adrian L. Quince
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  3. Hey all,

    Thanks for all of the input. I tried out some mouthpieces and eventually decided on a gold plated Schilke 53. It'll be here in about 2 days. I was able to chip in some money with my parent's initial investment so I was able to get it brand new. I'll let you guys know how it works! Thanks a ton for the help.

    (ps anybody with the same/similar mouthpiece can let me know how it works for them)

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    I play a Schilke D5.3* . It is similar but has a larger throat. I came from bass trombone and played a Doug Yeo mouthpiece on my King 2280 euphonium. It is similar to a Bach 1 1/2G. I think it will work well for you. Mine has helped me become more of a tenor player than bass. It has certainly helped on the endurance and the high range. Good luck!
    John Packer JP274L Euphonium
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    ― Ludwig van Beethoven

  5. Thanks! The mouthpiece arrived and it's a beauty.

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