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    Found great customer service

    Hey guys, just wanted to share my recent experience in buying an alto sax for my wife. She played in high school and was first chair, but hasn't played since. I am surprising her with a new horn for our anniversary next month. I did a bunch of research on brands and prices, and narrowed my choices to a Buffet 400 or a Yamaha 480; both intermediate to pro level horns with loyal fans.

    Because of delivery constraints, I ultimately chose the Buffet. Found a great price for a used but certified new (includes one year store warranty and is supposed to look new) horn from a store in NY; Hyson music. Ordered online and was expecting delivery later this week. Well, got a call from Hyson yesterday telling me that my horn would be delayed a bit because they actually sold it in store and didn't get it removed from the web site before my order. As a result, they are getting a brand new Buffet 400 shipped in, will then do the setup of the horn, and then send it out to me; all for the price of the used one I bought. It comes to about $800.00 off the discounted retail price.

    That is great customer service in my book. I asked if we could do the same type of transaction with a Willson 2900; they laughed and said they'll see what they can do.

    Don't have the horn yet, but so far very happy with the company; Hyson music, NY.
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    Chris Bunker
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