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Thread: dental problem and how to solve it with Stolzel method practice adaptor

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    The practice adaptor was delivered last week. The large bore fits perfectly. I've been trying it out, and was unpleasantly surprised how much pressure i naturally use to play. When I use pressure, all air escapes through the adaptor, so no sound comes out of the instrument. For now my teacher told me to just play long notes to get used to it. So that's wat I'm doing now. I'm trying to gradually build up. The lower range goes better, but starting from A i'm struggling to get the notes out right. Will take a lot of practice i presume, but if it reduces the pressure i use, it will surely help me to keep playing after the dental work..
    I'll take a few pictures and post them later.

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    a bit of an update on this matter. I have been practising with the practice adaptor for some time. First blows were a real shocker: with the device set for maximum pressure, i could not play a single note...
    I've gradually built it up, being very conscious of my way of blowing and putting pressure to my teeth. Long notes only (advice from my teacher). Low notes went quite well after a while, up to the point that i reached D. I didn't get any higher...
    For the moment practice is off limits, my teeth have been removed and my mouth is healing.
    i hope to be able to try playing again in a couple of weeks.

  3. I have been using the same adaptor for a few weeks now, I can play softly the C scale but no higher I think it would be useful to have some additional springs with more tension to allow you to play up to a note that would enable you to play some complete tunes such as hymns. the spring in the device is a greater diameter than normal valve springs. I am a treble clef player.

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    Thanks for the update. I play with a trombonist in a brass group who had to relearn to how play with false teeth. It took awhile, but he now sounds good. Wishing you all the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enhite View Post
    Thanks for the update. I play with a trombonist in a brass group who had to relearn to how play with false teeth. It took awhile, but he now sounds good. Wishing you all the best.
    thx for the encouragement! It gives me hope that everything will be allright with a lot of time and practice.

  6. Hi Johan, I hope all is going well with your healing process. Now that I have found that the Adaptor is adjustable I have set it to enable me to play up to F on the stave (treble clef) the Idea being that I can warm up with hymn tunes thus giving a little variation from the long tones, it is still sensitive enough (for me) that it still requires conscience effort to keep the pressure off. Very early days yet but I am hoping after a few months I might get some muscle memory if that is the right term to maintain any progress.

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    Breaking news (): my new teeth have arrived finally last week! After 10 months eating like a baby I finally am able again to eat and smile like a normal human being of my age!
    Needless to say that the first thing i tried when i got home was to blow a few notes on my euphonium.
    To my great surprise it worked out perfectly from the start. The sound i'm producing is more than ok, now it's only a matter of persistant training to catch up the lost time. Of course after 10 months embuchure and range are very limited right now, but i can play without having to force, so that gives me good hope.
    The Adaptor is working fine to learn how to play with as little pressure as possible, which will absolutely be favourable to my endurance in the long term. I'll try to make a short film and post it on Youtube so you can all hear how i sound with false teeth!

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    I just read through this entire thread. Good for you!! I am really happy for you and you must be really happy to have teeth back. I hope all goes well, and that you are able to play euphonium for a long, long time.
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    That's great news, johan! I'm glad to hear it is going so well as you start to get used to everything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghmerrill View Post
    Good advice, but not always practical. The technology is astonishing nowadays (e.g., implants in the bone of the jaw), but with a high price and a lot of time involved. You can easily expect to spend tens of thousands of dollars.

    My son just spent over $10,000 (and most of a year) getting his wife's teeth fixed after a lifetime of neglect (and she's only 30). All out of pocket, of course, and nothing like total tooth replacement.

    I feel for people in this situation. My father had all his teeth removed in his early 30s (by an army dentist) and suffered with dentures for the rest of his life. The technology is much better now, even if you don't go with the state of the art stuff. With a presumably long life ahead, whatever investment that can be managed would be a wise choice.
    Ooh, people don't realize how important it is to look after their teeth until they start getting problems with them. These days I brush after every meal and floss before bed and also rinse my mouth out with salt water to kill bacteria.

    I do this because I recently had an abscess that almost spread to my brain from a tooth infection. Gotta look after your teeth.
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    You can read this article about the Penomet.

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