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Thread: Hirsbrunner euph on Trombone Forum

  1. Thumbs up Hirsbrunner euph on Trombone Forum

    Just thought that I would help spread this around. One of my friends on The Trombone Forum just told me about this guy selling a Hirsbrunner euphonium in pristine condition. Just thought that I would see if anybody here was interested.

    Here is the link to the forum post:,86399.0.html


    Might be something interesting to pick up,
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  2. Interesting this Euphonium is listed on the Trombone Forum and Tubenet but not here. Although many classics are not as "point and shoot" as the Adams is said to be, this sounds like a beautiful well maintained instrument. Someone is in for a treat if they have 4K ready to go. The price sounds decent.
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    I played a lot of Hirsbrunners over the years, especially during my relationship with Custom Music. I always liked them. The tone is good, and intonation is good. See this if you want to gauge the intonation visually:

    The response was quite good. I'd say it is close to the current standard, but not quite as good. But in that regard it was closer to the modern horns than to the old Bessons.

    The fact that this one has the change-out receivers is handy for testing mouthpieces. I think most players just used a large shank mouthpiece with the horn, though.

    IMO, the asking price is reasonable for a horn in such good (as described) condition. It is around 1/2 to 2/3 the price of a comparable new pro-level instrument, which is about right. In general, I don't know if Hirsbrunner euphoniums should be worth more or worth less because they are from a discontinued line - I guess that's up to the buyer.
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    My understanding on that, is that horns are built upon request. I asked Jeff in the last year about it. As for the change out receivers, the medium shank gives the horn a very different sound. Getting service parts is very easy. This is a very good opportunity to get a great horn.


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