I saw this on Facebook and found the page:


I play one so it interested me. Here is one of my favorite parts:
"On the Gig

Nowadays it seems that you have to show up at the gig with a British compensating euphonium, or you won't be taken seriously. "What if they write low B?", the other low brass players might ask. "You won't be able to play it. Not a low Eb either. Not in tune at least. Nope, it's right out."

My/Steve's response: "Well they won't write it, but if they do, I will play it. In tune."

And it's this sort of (perhaps curmudgeonly) player who will love the King 2280. This player also plays trombone, and might even play bass trombone, preferably of the single valve variety. One who has mastered that instrument knows a bit about slide pulling. Not just the hand slide, but the F slide that you swiftly toss out to E to play the lowest notes. A single valve bass trombone isn't just slippery and slidey because of the obvious, but also because of the movable F attachment. Sometimes it's F, sometimes flat F, sometimes flat E. It depends upon the weather and the orchestrator.

And this player might also like the tubas and euphoniums from Alexander, who on occasion will feature the fifth rotor as a flat half step.

And this player might know the famed Gronitz F tubas with a tri-tone fifth rotor.

And this player might remember Belgian tuning, wherein the third valve is tuned to 2 whole steps, akin to fingering 2-3.

All of these instruments and tuning systems are mental floss for the experienced player, and they are a lot of fun. This player might understand King instruments and the American style. Many of these designs came about as recording became more common in the early twentieth century and throughout the jazz era. They know the style of a King 3B trombone or a Silver Flair trumpet or a King euphonium. King Soloist is an apt name - these are instruments for soloists, and they are made to be heard. And they are heard, even when the band is blazing."

There is lots more - especially about tuning to be able to get low B natural. I hope you enjoy it.