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Thread: FS: Yamaha YEP 842S, 3 years old, excellent condition

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    Thumbs up FS: Yamaha YEP 842S, 3 years old, excellent condition

    Price: $4,950.

    My son (high school senior) is this euphonium's second owner (the first owner sold it to us to raise money for college tuition). We thought it would be his long-term instrument, but an attractive deal on a Besson Prestige came our way. After playing both horns for a few weeks, he is ready to convert to the Besson and seek another good home for his much loved Yamaha.

    I intend to get some pictures of the instrument up on the internet in the next couple of days; I will post links to them here when I do. If you know this horn, though, you really don't need any pictures. Just visualize a brand new one, and this horn is very close to that. It does have one very small and inconspicuous dent and some minor scratches, but otherwise it's practically mint cosmetically. There are no mechanical or playing issues at all.

    We'll include a silver Schilke 51D mouthpiece or, if someone wants a really big one, we could include instead the silver Alliance Prestige E2 that came with the Besson. If someone wants the instrument without the mouthpiece, we will discount the price by $75, or we could sell both mouthpieces for $75 extra. Both of these mouthpieces are also in excellent condition.

    The case is the standard Yamaha case for this instrument. Its only defects are some typical scuffing.

    I would like to be able to sell the instrument to someone near enough to me in northwestern South Carolina to deal in person, but I'm open to other possibilities as well, including an eBay transaction. I would consider driving some distance to meet a serious buyer.

    I don't intend to flex a great deal on the price unless the instrument remains unsold in the middle of July or so. At that point I'll entertain lower offers. Of course anyone who sees the instrument in the meanwhile and wants to make an offer is welcome to do so. I may accept the offer on the spot, or I may hold it for later consideration, depending on my circumstances at that time.

    If the instrument sells via this forum post without going up on eBay, I will contact Dave Werden to see about making a donation in appreciation for his services at this site.

    Please reply to the thread with any questions about the instrument that others might like to see. Send private messages to arrange to see and play the instrument or about other personal details.

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    I've posted 8 pictures at the following URL:

    I also edited the initial post to indicate why the original owner sold the instrument to us: to raise money for college tuition. There was nothing unsatisfactory in his experience with the instrument or ours.

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    I've had one expression of interest, but from 2,000 miles away, so I'm not optimistic that it will pan out. I've contacted the Tuba Exchange to get an idea of what I'd be looking at if I consigned the instrument to them. Based on my description and the pictures, Kevin told me that they would likely sell it for $5,500-$5,875. Letting someone else do the work to sell the instrument at TE's commission rate is rather attractive; I would likely net a little more than I'd net from an eBay sale. Not sure at what point I'll give up my own efforts and consign it, but I may well end up going that route--especially since I have a sister who lives near TE and this would give me a good excuse to visit.

    My son gave the horn one last, long, loving bath the other day, and it looks better than the pictures now, and it plays flawlessly. As he remembered how he felt when the horn arrived and he opened it, he said, "I can't imagine any buyer not being delighted with this thing!" So if anyone is thinking about this instrument, please let me know soon, along with an indication of the price range you'd be willing to pay. If it's too low to suit me now, I'll hold on to your info and contact you again if I become willing to drop to your level. A private message at this site is the best method for an initial contact; from there we could go to phone or email if you like.

    As I corresponded with the inquirer from Seattle, I thought of an approach to a long-distance sale that might very well leave both buyer and seller satisfied that the other is holding up his end of the deal. Feel free to inquire.

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    The Tuba Exchange can move horns.... I've sold a lot of used horns through them, and they sell quickly if it is a quality instrument. If the numbers work for you, it's a good bet.


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    Thanks for the note, John. My brother-in-law is a band director in Raleigh, and he's enjoyed doing business with them over the years. Kevin sent me their consignment agreement today and I think it could work for me. I won't likely see $4,950 in the deal, but if the horn sells for top price without a credit-card surcharge (e.g, if the buyer finances it), I'll come close. I don't mind going through them at all if that's what I need to do, but I feel better about keeping the horn in my own possession until it's sold, and without the middleman, both the buyer and the seller go away from the deal a little happier. TE does provide the seller a lot of service, though, and their commission is not as high as I expected, so I may indeed end up going this way with it. And your comments certainly don't discourage me!


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    I replied to your private message this morning. Hearing nothing back from you makes me wonder whether perhaps the message did not come through. Or perhaps you don't have the option selected to notify you by email when a message comes in (I THINK there is such an option that you can select--at any rate, I get email notifications). If you're reading this and haven't heard from me, check your private messages, and message me again if you don't see anything from me there.


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    Situation update:

    This week I'm in the vicinity of Nashville, TN and Huntsville, AL, and I have the euphonium with me. If anyone in these areas is interested in this instrument, private message me, please, and we'll see whether we can get together.


  8. Interested in SC

    How far are you from Charleston, SC? I am possibly interested in this for my son.
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  9. I live in Charleston, SC and am possibly interested in this instrument for my son. How far are you from Charleston?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vdemsheck View Post
    I live in Charleston, SC and am possibly interested in this instrument for my son. How far are you from Charleston?
    I'm about 3.5 hrs from Charleston. How far I'd be willing to drive to meet you under my present circumstances depends somewhat on how likely you think it would be that we would actually do the deal on that first meeting, at a price within about $100 of my asking price. If you want to send me a private message, we can discuss further online or by phone and see where things go. Thanks for your interest!


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