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Thread: Any thoughts on the bass trumpet?

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    ...and quite a bit it is!! ;-)

  2. Beautiful playing on that link. A 4 valver and it appears to be in C.
    Thanks for sharing that with us.
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    She's phenomenal! I believe she's playing the Alexander Model 19. Good instrument. That's also what Mick Mulcahy uses in the Chicago Symphony and on the CD of bass trumpet and "tenor tuba" excerpts.

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    Not all bass trumpets are bass trumpets.

    Just my two centimes: not all bass trumpets are bass trumpets. If it has a small bore, has Perinet valves, and a smallish bell (like the Lidl), it's actually a tenor.

    To the best of my knowledge, only two companies still make both: Dotzauer and Kanstul.

    The confusion seems to stem from a rather loose usage of the nomenclature. The same goes for Saxhorns and Baltic brass. The names most used today were those of their predecessors, which were valved bugles.

    If you were to try a Kanstul tenor and bass trumpet (fanfare brass), it would be a forehead-slapping moment that would clarify everything.

    True bass trumpets are usually in C, have a larger bell, a larger bore, and a larger, continuous bell throat. They play best in C.

    Tenor trumpets, on the other hand, are almost always in Bb, play like contra-alto trumpets (favouring the next register), which would be Eb. From Eb/F on down, they play like dogs.

    I'm in the process of putting together a complete trumpet ensemble: bass in C, tenor in Bb, contralto in Eb, contra-alto in F, alto in Bb, and Eb soprano. Hopefully my guys will have a YouTube video of the set up in the Fall sometime, maybe with a short lecture on the horns.

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