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Thread: Euph through high school and beyond

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    Euph through high school and beyond

    I am currently a high school student and am trying to decide between a Wessex Dolce Cantablie or a JP274 mark 2. I am currently using my school's Yamaha Yep-321 with a Schilke 51D. Besides the two that I am trying to decide between, I also appreciate suggestions for compensating euphs in that price range, around $1000-$1800. Currently my section leader during marching season uses a JP 274 mark 2 (it is now concert season), and I have only heard good things besides the first valve being out of tune consistently. I appreciate any piece of advice that anyone has to offer, and thank you for your time.

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    Welcome to the forum! You should probably do some searching here for info on those horns. Both have been discussed. You might actually get better search results by going to the " Home" link above and using the search box from the home page (that uses Google search).

    I haven't played the JP 274 and can't comment directly. However, I have tested the Dolce Cantabile and liked it quite a lot. Wessex has some extra quality control practices over and above most clone distributors and they have made some design changes to the usual template as well. And that model of the Wessex has a tuning trigger, which would give you a big advantage. Here is a blog post with my impressions of the Wessex (written last June):
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    Thanks! I'll make sure to check it out

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