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Thread: FS: Schiller 5v Nickel Plated C Tuba

  1. Question FS: Schiller 5v Nickel Plated C Tuba


    I am selling my Schiller 5 valve rotor C Tuba. Its in great condition. Ive had it since around the beginning of December. Right now its just taking up space as I dont need it anymore and I could use the money. I also have this forum on tubenet. The full deal is;

    schiller c tuba - nickel plated. 5 valves. miraphone 186 clone.
    hard case

    total price is $1500.00 total, including the shipping. Great for anyone wanting to start C tuba or a tuba for college. Shipping is through greyhound. ... 1555.l2649

  2. UPDATEL On ebay, or even through here or tubenet, I will take offers no lower than $1350.00

    Take advantage of this greal folks! I take very good care of my tubas and clean it, polish it regularly. Definitely a great tuba for anyone.

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