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Thread: Wessex and Jinbao

  1. Question Wessex and Jinbao

    I'm a high school euphonium player from Taiwan (A country just beside China)
    using a Yamaha 321 small shank and want to upgrade it
    but i don't have so much money to buy a yamaha-642 or a besson sov.
    my budget is about 800-1200 US dollars
    I have read a lot of article in the forum and see many positive comment with these cheap but great horn
    wessex dolce jinbao JBEP-1150 Mack brass
    the mack brass is out because they don't ship international
    the wessex seems good but is expensive shipping to Taiwan (200 GBP)
    the jinbao is the cheapest and the nearest to my country , the shipment will be easy
    i know they all made by jinbao's factory.
    i want to know if there is any difference between jinbao 1150 and wessex except the 2nd bottom water key and the gold valve cap
    is there any difference in sound,pistons,valve action or the feeling while playing?
    then how about schiller and jinbao 1150 ?
    sorry , my english is not so good but please give me some advice. thanks.
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    Hi, Steve - welcome to the forum!

    I believe you are correct that the horns mentioned are made in the same factory. Certainly there are many people who own the basic Jinbao and are happy.

    If you want to know the differences between Jinbao's horn and the Wessex, please see this post (you might also want to read all the post on both pages of that same thread):

    I reposted some information where Wessex gives details about the differences in their horns.
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  3. Then is it worth to pay for these differences ?
    The wessex to my country is almost 1700 dollars
    The jinbao is about 1000

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    The 700 dollars is reassurance, like buying a car from a dealer instead of some guy with a sign selling his own car. With the Wessex, you can be sure that Mr. Jonathan or one of his employees held the horn, put notes through it, and made it to represent the company he sticks his name onto. With the Jin-Bao the playing and testing isn't as thorough but does exist. If you need the 700, save it and get the Jin-Bao, but if you want to be sure about the horn, buy the Wessex.
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  5. I have get the jinbao
    It's a jinbao jbep-1150z
    but...It just sound a little weird....
    looks fine .
    the sound is thick but not solid....Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20141004_135720.jpg 
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    vague and with few resonance
    Is anything wrong ? the besson 1065 is much more easy to play
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20141004_214041.jpg 
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ID:	2492Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20141004_214121.jpg 
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    None of us can tell you if something is wrong because we would need to play the horn to see. Do you know anyone near you who plays a compensating euphonium? If so, have them try your horn.

    Why is the 4th slide out SO far? If you need to pull it that much for intonation, it could be sign of trouble.
    Dave Werden (ASCAP)
    Euphonium Soloist, U.S. Coast Guard Band, retired
    Adams Artist (Adams E3)
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  7. the pitch is high so i pull out, maybe just because the room is too hot, the reason of the bad sound could be that i don't know how to use the compensating euphonium?

  8. The slide on the back with the spit valve is the main tuning slide. The one you have pulled is for the 4th valve. Was that intentional?

  9. ok i think i pull wrong . i used the 321 before and the main tuning slide was on that position. but it's not the cause of the bad sound i think. i'll take the horn to someone professional to check tomorrow. the horn is still sound bad now even than a 321.

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    You have changed from:

    1. A non-compensating instrument to a compensating instrument.
    2. A small-shank mouthpiece to a large-shank mouthpiece
    3. Possibly a different mouthpiece? Or you are using a pretty small mouthpiece on a larger bore horn?
    4. A smaller bore (.571") to a larger bore (.590"-.661") instrument

    You should expect some differences. Whether there is really anything wrong with the instrument can easily be determined by having one or more competent euphonium players try it.

    In your position, I would have bought the Jin Bao as well .
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