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Thread: Where can I try some euphonium?

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    Where can I try some euphonium?

    Hello, everyone!
    I'm a junior euphonium performance major from Miami, FL, and finally trying to purchase my own pro euphonium, a little late I know. Unfortunately there aren't that many places in this state were I can get my hands on a few euphs. Any suggestions where I can go? I've heard of Dillon Music and Custom, but that's about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi aarma,

    Welcome to Dave Werden's forum. I also live in FL and know what you mean about trying out new euphoniums in the state. Tuba Exchange is located in Durham, NC. which is still pretty far but not as far as the other places you mentioned. You might call a music store in Miami area that offers brass instrument repair. They might have some suggestions on a closer place.
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    Thank you, RickF!
    I'll definitely be giving them a call today.

  4. aarma018 have you tried Music and Arts. They have three stores in FL. Similarly in NH there are not many stores to try out horns, but there is a Music and Arts in Manchester, NH. They are pretty accomodating. I'd give them a call and talk with the manager. They can bring in horns that you are interested in trying. The store in Manchester also has a show once a year where various brands bring a lot more horns and a representative is there from the company. Hope that helps.

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    I'll definitely give them a call, hntjr. Thank you! As far as calling music repair shops they keep directing to All County Music in Tamarac, which last time I checked had 1VMI euphonium, and Sam Ash that had no professional models.

  6. aarma018,
    It seems that you just found a gap in the market! Maybe you can be the one to start a specialized brass store/repair shop in Florida after you graduate.
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    Thanks, Amybliss! That's something that I have been actually looking into haha


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